Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The First Blah Blah Blog

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I have decided that it is time, yes, time, for me to begin writing anew. And what better topic about which to write than me? For today, at least, that is the topic which I know best. And it is the topic about which I am best able to wax rhapsodic.

Ahem. OK. How about it's an less threatening place to start than an essay on the assholism of George W. Bush?

I am doing just great right now. My new meds are mostly kicking in. The brief recap would be: went off antidepressants in January to jump start weight loss; discovered in February that weight loss was not worth major anxiety attacks; tried a bad med (Wellbutrin--naughty, naughty, makes anxiety worse, not better); and finally am now settled on Lexapro.

Why else am I great? The sun is shining. My grass is green. As opposed to brown. As opposed to not grass, but mud. Schafer-driven mud. It is a horticultural challenge to have a large dog in a small yard and still maintain grass. The dog is simply hounded by his ball-obsessed psyche to play fetch. Over and over. Wearing a path, a road, a freeway, in my backyard. Which wasn't exactly pristine virgin Bermuda green to begin with.

So I've retrained him to run only on the side walk. And tended. And sowed. And watered. Little tiny sprigs of green. Only slightly flattened by Annie's basketball landing on them ad nauseum. And now, in the space of a slight month, I have a velvety verdant swath where the doggie freeway of Balldom used to be. Ahhh.

The small and oh so meaningless things that amuse me in my dotage. :-)

Until tomorrow,


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