Monday, August 29, 2005

So much, so little

That would be so much to talk about, so little time. My children have expressed an interest in me spending time with them this evening, rather than merely seeing the fascinating sight of my face reflecting bluish light.

Target, my fav department store for so many reasons, gives me one more. It will be selling Seventh Generation products. Nice on the environment, and perhaps more friendly to my wallet than buying them at Whole Foods.

Speaking of Target, there was a snotty little article in Slate about it. Maybe New York doesn't deserve a Target. Harrumph.

Speaking of Whole Foods, I'd been patting myself on the back for buying organic and supporting local growers by going there, which I've been told is an important act if I'm serious about environmentally sound living. But there are some concerns regarding Whole Foods not carrying truly local grown goods. And reading this interview of WF's founder didn't reassure me all that much. Think I need to spend more time at the Farmer's Market in town.

Hey, did you hear that scientists may have discovered a solution to that age-old problem: fogged up spectacles? It involves that favorite topic of mine, nanotechnology. I won't bore you with an explanation. OK. I lied. I won't give you the explanation given in the article because I don't exactly understand why it works or what nanotechnology is. But I can see that there are many possible practical applications.

  1. Lovers' Lenses: Insert these lenses in your glasses for long lip locks on humid nights. Avoid that embarrassing drip, drip on the nose from condensation due to, um, overheating.
  2. Pasta Window Protection: You know how annoying it is when you've boiled up a big cauldron of spaghetti and fogged up all the kitchen windows in the process? Well, worry no more. Pasta Window Protection will keep those windows clear and water-free, no matter how many teenagers with voracious appetites you have.
  3. Genius Goggles: A variation on Lovers' Lenses, these goggles will give you clear sight even during the most intense brain storms. Intense thought produces intense perspiration and heat. But who can make great scientific discoveries with their glasses all fogged up? With their Nanotechnological coating, there'll be no need to worry about grabbing for that pen in your pocket protector and pulling the buttons off your lab partner's blouse instead when you're in the midst of testing that important hypothesis.
Last note. Katrina has passed, thankfully. May the death count continue to be low.

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