Friday, September 16, 2005

Sarcasm on the run

Tonight was Mom and Daughter Movie night. We watched "Miss Congeniality 2". Tells you just how much I love my daughter. :-) Hence my shortened time here at the screen.

So we've had a heartfelt Presidential address, complete with well-lighted important NOLA sights, designed to invoke a deep sense of reverence of place. You'll not be surprised to hear that the lights went on just for the occasion, according to NBC's Brian Williams, and were immediately turned off after the address. And we've had a Day of Prayer for Katrina, NOLA et al. Now, don't we all feel better? Surely we don't need no stinking investigation into who done what to whom, other than one led by Dubya, right?

During his speech, George even mentioned racial discrimination. According to Salon's War Room, Bush has only uttered that phrase in public four times during his presidency. But not only did he discuss racism, he moved on to poverty. He's even going to "confront this poverty with bold action".

What has the response been? I particularly liked what the Reverend Enoch Fuzz had to say. "We need a prayer that's walking and not just talking. We need a prayer with legs right now." Wouldn't you like to think that Dubya is pretty darn serious about putting legs on his prayers? Making life better for our poorer citizens? Why shore.

Not. Instead, in the very place and time when he could be doing so, he has quietly issued an executive order
lowering wages for those working to reconstruct after Katrina. This will enable those companies working in those devastated areas to make more money on this project. Companies like Halliburton, for instance.

Here's a chance for Bush to take money from the rich and give back to the poor. The conservative Heritage Foundation has suggested that the mounds of pork attached to the recent highway bill be cut and the moneys saved be donated to hurricane relief. So far, Congress isn't biting. Knowing now just how much Bush cares about those in need, I'm sure he'll be leading the charge.

Finally, it's clear that Bush doesn't need no stinking review or investigation of what happened with FEMA and the hurricane. He's going to be far more careful about who is appointed to his administration. Really make sure it's not all about patronage and cronyism. Right? So how's about that new interim director of the Office of Women's Health over at the FDA? Impressive, that resume filled with experience in veterinary affairs and animal husbandry. Or check out Daily Kos and the note about further hack appointments in security agencies.

And Republicans are squawking that Reuters photo of Bush's bathroom break note was a malicious act?

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