Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Wasn't George HW Bush who used to talk about The Vision Thing? Do any of our leaders actually have The Vision Thing? Let's look and see, shall we boys and girls?

Got that leader in NOLA. Nagan begs his constituents to come home. Tells them to leave for Rita. Begs them to come home. Now tells them to get ready to leave for Wilma. What kind of far-sighted thinking is this? Is the leadership of this town so incredibly myopic that they couldn't foresee the possibility of more hurricanes? Why are we rushing to get people back into this town when hurricane season is still a blowing in the wind (pun intended)?

Clearly, there's a catch 22 in NOLA. They need workers to clean the place up so it's not so stinking putrid awful down there and folks can move back in. But it's so stinking putrid awful down there that only illegal immigrants from south of the border are working--and barely living--there.

Given all that, what's the point in rushing natives back in with hurricane season still on? No vision. No plan.

And, speaking of myopic, did the Rovian Republicans really think no one would notice Harriet Miers' lack of qualifications, both legal and conservative? What does that say about their estimation of the conservative evangelical right, that Rovian Republicans thought they could slip Harriet past everyone? Everyone has a paper trail, boys and girls. Sometimes, it just takes a few weeks to find the questionnaires. Or pull the notes from the Dobson interview out.

Speaking of blind as a bat without a map, did Ms. Miers really think she could get away with saying that no one knows what she'll do about Roe v Wade? Are there more than 1 or 2 politically interested, let alone politically active or employed, people in the United States that haven't expressed an opinion on the subject? Seems highly unlikely that she wouldn't have. And now we have the questionnaire to prove it.

So does this do her nomination good or ill? Maybe bolsters her with the conservatives. But she lied, pretty much. Might help her very damaged conservative street cred. But not much, me thinks. Hell, she can't even keep her own law license current. Who would trust her with our Constitution? Not looking too good, this Bush vision thing right now.

I don't see, using my own xray eyeballs, much chance that Bush will pull Miers' nomination. Husband was saying this evening that perhaps this was all an evil ploy: nominate someone who would not make it, then nominate someone with true conservative cred, on the theory that the progressives would have blown their wad on Miers' and have nothing left to fight with. That gives those Rovian Republicans credit for a great deal of vision.

Wouldn't put it past them. Doubt it, though. It would be a move of weakness, not strength. And Dubya is all about strength. Looking strong, even if he doesn't have a clue about how to truly be a strong person. Moral character. Ethical decisions. Honoring life. Not really a part of The Vision Thing.

What I hope I see is a Bush administration headed toward disaster, with an administration not merely tainted by scandal, but legally painted with it. Let's hope Fitzpatrick really has the dirt in the Plume/Wilson affair, dirt that will not come easily off those Rovian Republicans. Because there's nothing more demoralizing to public welfare than those who pretend to be pristine yet who are dirty to the core. That's something that I don't need xray vision to see. It's as plain as the Pinocchio nose on Scooter's face.

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Thanks, Liz, for thinking out loud!

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