Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Get out the Big Bowl

Doesn't every family have one? You know, a place in which vomit should be deposited by young children who are unable to make it to the toilet? Since my tv is not located in the bathroom, I needed that Big Bowl right beside me this evening as my family and I sat down for the annual Oh My God I Can't Believe He Really Said That Speech, otherwise known as The State of the Union.

Obviously, the richest moment was the Democrats standing ovation for themselves for thwarting Bush's SS reform. Tip of the hat for that gag.

We got perhaps 5 minutes, possibly less, of speech untainted by a 9/11 reference. Has no one told this man how hackneyed a ploy that is? Has no one told him that IT'S NOT WORKING ANYMORE?

Speaking of 9/11. Heard some folks on talk radio (Kathy and Judy on WGN, if you must know) wondering aloud whether A&E was part of a Republican conspiracy to bring our minds back to 9/11 right at the State of the Union time, with their airing of "Flight 93". I spent a half an hour or so looking around online, trying to figure out the answer to that question.

A&E isn't owned by Fox; it's owned jointly by GE and Disney. And I found complaints from both sides of the aisle about A&E content. Right wing complaints like gun rights freaks bitching and moaning about a piece on the NRA and anti-gay activists noting the bias for transgendered people in a piece on them competed with left wing complaints that the network features too many Republicans and not enough Democrats in its biographies.

My conclusion? Still hanging. A&E probably simply anticipated that George would mention 9/11 about a billion times so such a showing would be timely, if nothing else.

My 13 yr old sat with us for much of the speech, taking notes so that she can argue point for point with a few of her more vehement Republican friends at school. I'm proud to say that she's the class liberal. My husband and I enjoyed pointing out all of Bush's lies and misleadings to her, though it really wasn't necessary. She gets it.

One of my favorite topics was the addiction to oil segment of the show. His solutions were amusing, to say the least. "Advanced Energy Initiative." Somehow, it's always clear that he's taking something really seriously, totally not smirking about it at all, if he names it an Initiative. There's a great post over at Grist Mill giving us the true picture of Bush's commitment to alternative forms of energy.

Oh, and that bit about the importance of stopping any animal-human clones. LOL! That's a serious concern of mine that I am SO happy he addressed. I've been really worried that someone would clone Bush and a donkey . . . oh. It happened long ago.

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