Thursday, September 21, 2006

This, That, and The Other Thing

So what's the deal with this bill in the House that requires a photo ID to vote? Since Republicans support it, I'm inclined to view it as a disenfranchising technique. Wait, you ask. Doesn't everyone have a photo ID? Um, not. Not exactly.

Drivers have photo IDs. Millions of people don't drive, primarily poor urban dwellers. Who are either minorities or elderly. Who vote Democrat. Hmm. Yes, one can obtain a state ID. Did you know it costs money? I know because I took my son to get one this summer. He's a non-driver due to his autism/Asperger's Syndrome. We were tired of being hassled while traveling because he had no, yes, photo ID.

Can't remember what it cost. $20? $25? And I had to drive to the Secretary of State's Office. And spend lots of time midday (when most people are working) standing in lines to get it. So how's an city dwelling elderly woman on a fixed income who doesn't drive manage that?

Thus, we put a price tag and a convenience tag on the right to vote. Nice. Leave it to the Republicans to figure out how to manage that.

Speaking of my kids, my daughter is upstairs sleeping right now. She's been struggling all week with a high homework load and an asthma flare. So imagine my dismay to hear that it's possible the EPA could rule to keep soot (particulate) levels at their current levels (or even raise the allowable levels), despite mucho evidence that soot levels cause and exacerbate all sorts of respiratory aliments.

We've had a exponential increase in the number of asthma cases in the past 30 years. We've got research that shows asthma is AT LEAST related to pollution. Guess we care more about polluting businesses that bring in big bucks than our own children's lungs.

Appropo yesterday's query about the stupidity of people approving Bush. Did you see the graph
in USA Today showing clearly the relationship between gas prices and opinions of Bush? Yep. Paying more for gas is way more important than killing thousands of Iraqis and Americans in Iraq or attempting to legitimize torture or lying to the American people about, well, everything.

I'm disgusted and late with dinner.



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