Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Westward, Ho! Day 1

I am into genealogy. Enough into it that Annie once asked me if I loved genealogy more than her! Along my maternal line, we have a passel of relatives that, like many of their time, went west to seek a better life. Also on my mind of late has been travel. I’ve never taken a driving trip west beyond Minneapolis, and have had a deep yearning to do so pretty much forever.

Combine these two enthusiasms and stir in a conversation with my mom, who shares my enthusiasm for related dead people, if not quite my yen for big skies, mountains and prairies and the result? Two weeks later, we were in the car for 7 days, clutching a hastily planned itinerary to see sites and sights. Thelma and Louise ride again! I’ll be posting my travel journal in small doses during the next week, starting today.

Day 1: Monday, September 3
So the day started out on a surprisingly timely note, as Mom was already up and drinking coffee by 7:30am. This is NOT her normal time of rising—nor is it mine! But we all got moving in a relatively orderly fashion, and left the house only 15 minutes later than planned, which was 15 minutes earlier than I had anticipated.

Annie, of course, fell asleep the night before without packing. We were all grateful that most of her college stuff was still at college, as she spent the summer in Northfield, so packing in an hour was achievable.

Having Grandma traveling with us meant that I behaved in a more civilized fashion than usual. No, her presence didn’t keep me from driving like a bat out of hell. But it did mean I stopped at restaurants to eat, rather than eating salad out of a bag while driving.  

Don’t ask. J

Our drive was uneventful and, by late afternoon, we were receiving the enthusiastic (and moist) greetings of Ruby and Penny, the Allen dogs. Fortunately, Ann, Paul and Grace greeted us less moistly and with a satisfactory amount of enthusiasm.

Much humorous conversation, good food, and generous drinkage followed. Such is always the case during a visit to the Allens. An early bedtime ensued, as we all wanted to start our adventures well-rested. 


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