Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Take a constitutional on the Constitution

What a colossal fuckup, this new document that is meant to launch a better nation. Instead of improving lives, the US has midwifed Iraq backwards. That's no mean feat.

Noah Feldman tells us over at the New York Times that we ought to "celebrate" this draft and that concerns are largely "misplaced". Let's draw up a Constitution that takes sets a scenario for taking away his basic rights based on his maleness and see how much he feels like celebrating. Setting up Islam as a or the rule of law in Iraq is a huge mistake and a recipe for civil war.

But don't believe me. Look at who is supporting this Constitution. Head of Iran's Guardian Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said, triumphantly responded, ''After years of struggle, an Islamic state has come to power." Not exactly the country I'd want speaking out in support of this document.

At this point, with the Sunnis pushed into the process yet losing out during it, I am hoping Iraq rejects the draft and all go back to the drawing board. At last, the Sunnis seem interested in participating in this process beyond supporting the insurgency. Full participation is the only way we can begin to rectify "this blundering intrusion into another people's history".

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