Tuesday, September 20, 2005

World Marching On

Busy weekend and week here. It's been a bit hard to get to the computer. But the world marches on. How surprising.

The joint House-Senate probe into the Katrina disaster has died. The Republicans have given up trying to force a Republican-dominated investigation onto the Democrats. For once, the Democrats have stood firm and refused to participate in an investigation that clearly will be in name only.

That investigation is almost as ridiculous as the one the President announced. Dubya has appointed someone within the very governmental entity being most criticized to run the investigation. Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend. Hey. Why didn't he just cut to the chase and appoint Michael Brown?

I believe that Fran Townsend is one of the people Governor Blanco talked to as she tried to reach Dubya asked for federal aid. Obviously, Townsend handled that job well.

Josh Marshal at Talking Points Memo is all over the Gulf Coast Wage Cut exec order, trying to dig up just who in the House is for it and who is against it. He's hoping to find "one single Republican member of the House" willing to co-sponsor a bill to overturn Dubya's executive order that cut wages during the Katrina rebuilding.

I'm pleased, but not surprised, to find out that my Rep, Danny Davis, is among those co-sponsoring this bill. Of course, he's a Dem. So my reps onboard? Is yours? If not, try this site
to let both your Representatives and Senators know that you want ordinary workers to make a decent wage during this disaster, rather than Halliburton sucking all the money out of the area.

And what's going on in Iraq--and England? Basra, a place that's been relatively quiet, has gone to hell in a handbasket, says the BBC, who reports insurgents have infiltrated Iraq's police force there. The British "rescued" two of their own who had been imprisoned by Iraqi police. "Rescued" by smashing the wall of a jail with six tanks. Stories vary about why these two were imprisoned depending on whose side tells the story.

Is it just me, or does the world seem more chaotic lately? I'm going to bed, and hoping to wake to find it was only a dream.

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