Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A few things

1. Now, how can this not be news? 53% of Americans believe that Bush should be impeached if he lied about his reasons for leading America to war in Iraq. Well, duh. So let's impeach the guy and get it over with, says me.

We need proof that he lied, says you? How about the ongoing Chicago Tribune Editorial page look

And folks rant about the left wing media conspiracy? Please. If there were truly such an animal, this survey would've been on the front page of every major paper. The fact that it got virtually no coverage tells us an entirely different story. A Fox news kind of story.

2. Oh My God. Bush administration does something good for the environment. It cooperated with numerous other state and local groups to come up with a proposal to fix up the Great Lakes.

It's a reasonably fabulous plan, filled with noble goals like fighting invasive species and restoring coastal wetlands (remember those? the areas that are to protect the rest of the land that didn't NOLA during Katrina?). Sewers would be upgraded so that they didn't untreated and partially treated sewage into the lakes. Seems like a good idea, huh?

Oh never mind. The Bush administration isn't actually planning on the US funding it, given that the Republicans want to cut the budget by $50 billion. So the report and recommendations and plan isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Representative Bart Stupak agreed, saying, "We've been through this a million times. Nothing is going to happen with the Great Lakes until there is a commitment of money. I don't see that happening until we have a new president."

There's a lot of issues waiting for a new president. Brings us back to that impeachment idea . . . .

One piece of good news that isn't dependent on money is the agreement signed by eight states and two Canadian provinces that prevents outsiders from taking water from the region. Places like Arizona or California want our water to keep their lawns greens. Nope. Not happening. It's important to the ecosystem to keep our water right where it belongs: here. Glad to hear our government(s) feel the same way.

If you're interested in the Great Lakes, and if you live in the Midwest, you ought to be as it most likely supplies your drinking water (directly or indirectly) check out this great Detroit News series on the Great Lakes. You can also go here for more information.

My parents are recently retired and are fortunate enough to live on Grand Traverse Bay, which is part of Lake Michigan. Beautiful, beautiful area. Dad works with The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, a private nonprofit working to protect the Bay. Great group to support, if you're looking for some end of the tax year giving opportunities.

Though maybe you should find an Impeach Bush group to give to, instead. ;-)

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