Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Security. I'm all for it. Aren't you? Being a good little urban yet suburban dweller, I lock my doors, look over my shoulders at night, check my car before I get in it after dark. On a broader scale, I don't relish 9/11 happening in my region. I'd prefer that terrorists keep doing their terrorizing overseas, where they belong. That's why I live here. I'm over seas. From THEM.

Whoever THEY are.

And your President (he's still not mine, even after my liberal lapse yesterday) has been milking my need for security for all its worth. He won his second term doing so, scaring good little girls turned women into voting for him.

But funny thing. We're still not very secure here, apparently. We've got to build fences down south to keep those Mexicans out, and part of the reason I kept hearing was "security". What, are illegal immigrants sneaking Weapons of Mass Destruction into America hidden in tamales or something? Weak and lame, boys and girls.

And we still can't keep those Weapons of Mass (or Minor) Destruction of planes, despite spending billions of dollars attempting to do so. Undercover investigators snuck enough radioactive stuff to make two dirty bombs last year. Homeland Security defended itself by saying the amount snuck in was "minimal". Weak and lame, boys and girls.

Well, now we've got the Democrats trying to make security their issue. They've actually managed to agree on something, and are putting all of their various proposals together (going back as far as the 2004 Presidential election) as a package. "See? We do care about security. And we'll do it better than those damn Republicans have so far."

They're pretty excited about the plan over at Daily Kos. I'm not quite as thrilled. I think it's an error to not at least attempt a Murtha Time Table for withdrawal from Iraq. Despite Bush's latest spin attempt to pin the blame on Hussein for the current civil war in Iraq, the longer America is there, the longer civil war remains most uncivil, killing thousands of Iraqis. But I far trust the Democrats to see the broad picture of the mosaic of Iraq than I do the Republicans, at this point, without or without a time table.

Speaking of trust, I wouldn't have put much money down on the notion that this Supreme Court would make me feel warm and cozy while they discussed whether or not Bush has the unilateral power to try war criminals, and whether the Supreme Court should even be looking at this issue. Yet, at least 5 of them sounded pretty disgusted with both notions that they shouldn't be looking at this issue during war time. Yippee!

I'm feeling more secure by the moment. :-)

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Hey - Welcome back! Glad you figured out how to get back on track. rds

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