Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton Goes Postal or Yee Haw, Someone's Finally Gone To Town on Those Right-Wing Media Types

So, did you see Bill Clinton's interview cum harangue with Chris Wallace this weekend? If not, check it out here . It's well worth the time. And it's about time--perhaps well past time.

The sleezebags that run our country have been actively seeking to place blame for their disastrous war in Iraq, 9/11, Afghanistan, bin Laden, and possibly incontinence in women over the age of 50 on the Clinton Administration. It is truly a wonder that

a. in this age of instant access to all sorts of info, past and present, that the Bushies think they can get away with remaking history and

b. that they ARE getting away with remaking history with faint protest from the Democrats or pointed questioning by the media.

The recent ABC movie on 9/11 got away with making claims that Clinton was at least partly responsible for 9/11 due to his administration's lack of effort by simply lying about what the 9/11 Commission report actually said. Sure, there was talk about it. But it wasn't yanked off the network like that Ronald Reagan bio pic was a few years back. Hmm. Wonder who's in charge here?

It was refreshing, even if self-serving, to see Bill Clinton's righteous anger at yet another right-wing attempt to pin the tail on the Donkey. It was quite satisfying to see a Fox reporter stammer and stutter and be bested by said Donkey. And it's about time that Clinton stopped the lovefest with the Bush family and started dancing with the ones that brung him.

Is Bill Clinton the only Democratic leader we have that can summon some articulate anger about the past 5 years? Is he the only one who can at least ACT unafraid of the consequences of mouthing off to Bush's media minions? And is he the only one who is willing to challenge the Bush administration and it's constant manipulation of facts (otherwise known as lies) to expose the truth of 9/11, Afghanistan, and the Iraq war?

Hoping not,


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