Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things That Ought To Make You Barf Because They're Filling *My* Mouth With Bile

Thing One: Using pro-environment actions as status symbols.

As usual, I'm a bit behind here. Didn't realize that being eco-friendly has become way cool. Cool enough that hybrid cars must look cool to sell well. Because, after all, what's most important about owning a hybrid: how it looks or what it does for the environment? "Owning a hybrid is all about saying 'Look at what I'm doing for the world,'" says auto analyst John Wolkonowicz of Global Insight. "If you can't say that, the whole purchase is a waste of time."

Thing Two: Alberto Gonzales

Need I elaborate? Bush lauded the man as one of "integrity, decency, and principle" who was subjected to "months of unfair treatment". Is this the same Alberto Gonzales who removed all semblance of Justice from his department in his work of perjury, prosecutorial purging, and pro-torture tactics? Does Bush actually say anything believable anymore? Is he (or anyone else in his administration) capable of speaking truth?

Thing Three: Children with no health insurance

We continue to throw billions of dollars away killing Iraqis. At the same time, we don't have enough money to continue with safety net health insurance programs with children. As the federal government continues to rob Peter to pay Paul (or would that be Halliburton?), uninsured children rose 1 million in two years, to a total of 8.7 million children. Nice. But why am I surprised? We don't care about the health of Iraqi children, we don't care about the health of US children. That's what being a Pro-Family Values Republican Nation is all about.

Thing Four: Ted Haggard's back--and he's begging for money!

It is truly amazing, the gall of some people. You'll remember that Haggard is the swine who masqueraded as a conservative pastor some years back, all while living a secret life as a gay man. He went off to be de-gayified. It was obviously successful, as he's still married. Ahem.

Now, he's back asking for people to fund his degree studies in, of all things, counseling. Go here to read the sordid story--and the weird, creepy tale of the denomination he's working with (Assembly of God).

Thing Five: The Media

I know, I know. We always blame the media. But this story takes the cake. How can you make yet another story about a gay Republican who lies about it after arrest and conviction be any creepier? Re-enact it on tv news.

Off to find the big blue bowl . . . .



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