Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick Debate Note

CJ and I watched the 127th Democratic debate tonight. Exaggeration alert. Apparently it was the 17 debate. It just seems like we've seen so many more, I guess. This one felt particularly important for me to watch, as I've now got to choose between Clinton and Obama.

You'll notice I haven't blogged about Edwards quitting. Here goes: I'm very disappointed. I thought he'd follow through on his promise to remain in the race until the convention to continue to push his agenda. Whatever his reason for quitting, it is a loss for the Democrats as he continued to shape our discussions and elevate the campaign. No word yet on whether Elizabeth Edwards' health issues have worsened. Hope not.

Tonight's debate seemed decent. Substantive. Awfully darn civil, of course. What was THAT about? Must have both taken the temperature of the country after last week's rancor and decided that attack politics weren't going over terribly well for either of them. Hillary's retort regarding having too many Clintons and Bushs in the office (it will take another Clinton to clean up after another Bush) was a zinger. Barack got off a good line when he attacked Romney's business acumen by questioning how good a businessman could he possibly be after losing so much money in the campaign.

Policy differences between the two remain few. I still agree with Hillary about the need for mandatory universal health care. See here for my argument on why this is so. But she is too hawkish for me. Still can't apologize for voting for the war in Iraq. And she's sounding positively predator when she discusses Iran, too.

The economy may be the issue of the moment. But the war is absolutely a driving force behind our economic woes. And it will continue to drive us into the ground, both economically and personally, if we don't elect someone who will end this war as soon as possible. And I believe Barack Obama will do that.

I'm hoping that Edwards will endorse him soon. If not, I've still made my decision.



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