Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Results and what they mean part 1

Arrived home from my first Board of Ed function to hear New Hampshire declared for Hillary in a very tight race. Yet again, so many are surprised--and eager to draw conclusions from what has happened. Clinton was inevitable. Then Obama was inevitable. What does it all mean?

What is all means is we've only just begun. It is not time yet to draw conclusions. Did Clinton win because of a sudden massive rush of women supporting her against the bad mean men? Did Obama win in Iowa because his message of change resonated with those new participants who showed up in droves? We always want answer, permanent solutions that will not change, even in this sea of the Change election.

Probably we'll have to wait a little longer, be a bit more patient, to have our answers. We'll have to live with a little bit of uncertainty to achieve the change all seem to want (though clearly we don't all want the same change!). Perhaps, instead of trying to nail down what's happening, we could simply watch it happen and participate in the process instead of constantly trying to prognosticate.

The process is, as always, just as important as the end product. I'm off to savor a beer and watch those who will not heed my advice and prognosticate and pontificate to earn their keep. ;-)



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