Monday, July 07, 2008

Bits and Bobs

In case I had yet to figure out that 46 is way middle aged, a not-so-young adult friend kindly assisted me to this conclusion on Sunday.

We were discussing exercise and weight loss. I bemoaned the established fact that I exercise quite regularly and vigorously yet do not lose any weight. Not-so-young adult friend threw this bombshell into the mix: her mom says the same thing, but notes that exercise is keeping her from gaining weight.

Her mom? She's comparing me to her MOM?? Not-so-young adult friend is an adult. I am an adult. I ask her how old she is. I perform simple math. I determine that I, in fact, could easily be her mom. I've passed the stage of "well, I could be her mom if I'd given birth when I was 13, which was technically a possibility." Oh my goodness gracious. I have reached a new stage of Old.

Yet I'm never too old to enjoy fireworks on the 4th of July. Usually, T, J and I--along with various friends and family that vary from year to year--hit a prime spot on the grass near the softball fields. T and family are in Gotland. So I called some friends and we threw together a last minute potluck bbq. Much fun, as we enjoy this smart, funny family. Then some of us ran down to the fireworks at the last moment.

Ooo. Ahhh. We make fun of the collective sighs and swells of the crowd reacting to each display. But, truly, these dazzling sparks high in the sky are among life's ephemeral pleasures.
Can't hold on to them. Can't recreate them. And they serve absolutely no useful purpose that I can see. Worse, now I'm told they're toxic. Don't care. Those fleeting moments of joy are the best of all.

Speaking of fleeting moments of joy, it's always a pleasure when the opposing candidate says or does really ridiculous things, statements or actions that need no explicating, no parsing to prove their idiocy. Daily dose of Ridiculocity from John McCain on ways he will balance the budget when he is President

"The McCain administration would reserve all savings from victory in the Iraq and Afghanistan operations in the fight against Islamic extremists for reducing the deficit."

Republicans and Democrats have both been busy parsing this week, as Obama's "new" stance on Iraq has been assessed. To Chandlerize, could there BE any less news that this "make news" topic? McCain is committed on winning the war in Iraq. Obama is committed to getting us out of Iraq. Obama has admitted that he will continue to assess the situation on how, precisely, to do that as he learns more.

Shocking revelation: a politician who is willing to adapt and change his position based on new information. Far more shocking revelation: Republicans are suspect of such an approach--and so are those anti-Obama factions out there. This is spin, folks. Call me when Obama jumps on the Bush wagon to bomb Iran, wants to stimulate the economy by taxing the poor and giving rich breaks, or backs discriminating against gays.



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