Friday, May 27, 2005

Spent the day geocaching, as is my normal Friday activity. Geocaching, you ask? You would ask. And I would tell.

Geocaching is a technological treasure hunt. People like you and me (well, mostly people like me) hide things. All over the world. And they post the location online at . Then people like me go out and find them.

The fun is in the finding for people like me. It's a process activity. I like the search. I like the hunt. Perhaps I would have thrived on the Serengeti or something. And I like the finding, too. It's an achievement, something tangible. Unlike, say, cleaning the house. Which becomes immediately messy directly after I clean it. The cache stays found.

I cache with my friend, Karen. She is obsessed with caching. I am merely interested in caching. How can we discern this broad difference in interest? Because she has over 500 caches while I only have 413. Clearly, if I were obsessed with caching, I would have more than her.


Karen and I cache every Friday. We call it our Warrior Women Friday Outing. We are definitely into the hunt, the chase. It is rare that we don't find our prey. Very rare. Hardly ever. We do not like not finding. It hurts our pride a bit, I believe.

Annoyingly enough, today contains a "did not find". But it's not our faults, truly. We are worthy foes of this cache. The problem is the cache, the placement, itself. Actually, it's the placer who is the problem. There's this guy who enjoys making his caches very challenging. It's not how the are hidden wherein lies the challenge. It is the method for finding the caches.

We must use math. Geometry. Weird measurement things from the Army. Like MILs. Do you know what mils are? Me, neither. Or I didn't until I looked it up online. Some kind of degree measurement. Now, I don't understand degrees to begin with. Give it another name, and it just confuzes me further.

I feel a bit compelled to try to figure it all out, though. I hate being stupid. I hate not figuring things out. So I tried to figure this particular hide out. Without success, I'm afraid. Guess I'll have to ask for help. Again.

Have I mentioned yet that I don't like to ask for help? :-)

But it was a good day out, despite this character failure on our collective parts to find this cache. Pleasant. Warm. Not hot. Gentle breeze. A nice day, all in all. And can't we all use that?

Until tomorrow,


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