Friday, June 24, 2005


Truly, it is blistering hot here. I feel so somnolent, indolent. Sleepy, even. :-) When I open our back door, the heat smacks me in the face like a hot wet towel. It's blowy today, and I'd swear I smell bread baking in the breeze. But it's not bread in the oven, it's me.

The sprinkler is slowly spinning around and around, lazily tossing water on my grass and plants. The yard is so shaded that nothing ever gets enough rain water, so I must sprinkle regularly to have anything grow. The water droplets are dancing in the wavering sun, swirling in circles, little juicy pieces. Definitely the most energetic movement out my window.

My newly cleaned windows give me a clear view of my neighbor, Al. He's a great neighbor, newly retired and ready to chat at any time. Al loves this weather. Always has. So he's off this mid-afternoon to golf in this heat. Oh my. I can't imagine lifting my head right now, let alone a golf club.

I roller skied earlier this morning, after a lecture from Tehra on the evils of overheating. At 88 degrees, I did my best to take it easy, roll slow, enjoy the scenery. But it's pretty impossible to slow my pace--I'm a bit mechanical that way, always ski at the same speed. Two tall glasses of water, a cold shower, and a lunch later, I'm still a bit woozy. Good thing I have the next two days off (exercise 5 days a week, take two days off).

I'm off to read a book. I'm reading "Painted Veil" by Beverle Graves Myers. Great series about a Venetian castrato who dabbles in investigation. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a book review of the past month or two!

Until tomorrow,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Liz -
If you like historical investigation novels, check out Peter Tremayne's Sister Fidelma series. As a feminist, you'll definitely enjoy reading about the equality bestowed women in ancient (600's) Ireland! Great for these scorchers this summer.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Liz T-G said...

Will do. Thanks for the suggestion!

11:55 AM  

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