Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Liberal Media? Puhleeze

While reading Kathleen Parker's op-ed piece on Howard Dean this morning, I had a few moments to ponder the notion of liberal bias. While my link goes to the Orlando Sentinel, Parker's home newspaper, I read her generally conservative pieces in the Chicago Tribune. Today's headline for this opinion read "Loud and loony".

Now, initially, I figured that was probably an accurate depiction of what Parker had to say. After all, she's pretty conservative and doesn't mince words. I like that in a woman, even if I don't agree with her. After reading the piece, though, I didn't quite get from whence that headline came. "Loud"? Yes, she definitely describes Dean as loud. But there is absolutely not one word in this piece that describes Dean as "loony". She says he isn't exactly accurate. She says he lacks a light touch. She says he has no sense of humor. But nowhere in her column does she describe him as being "loony".

So whose opinion is that, anyway? Hmm. Let's see. Could it be the Tribune's opinion? Their editorial, on the opposite page, dismissed Dean and his words out of hand. In fact, they actually tried to refute the notion that Republicans are primarily a white Christian organization by citing Condi, Paul Wolfowitz, Elaine Chao and Alberto Gonzales. Don't know how to break this to you, Editorial Board, but four people of color, religion, or ethnicity do not a diverse party make. Even Parker had more sense than to try to defend the Republican Party on THAT ground.

The Trib states, "If (Dean) thinks the nation should focus on more substantive matters, he might dispense with the insults and try talking about those issues--calmly." Since when is calling a spade a spade an insult? Since when is speaking the obvious an insult? Read Parker's statistics.
They confirm Dean's statement.

The Trib continues to disappoint me with its conservative bent. And when I can't get accurate headlines, I worry about the accuracy of the news within this paper.

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