Thursday, June 02, 2005

My second--and last--teenager

I am such a lucky mom, having the two incredible kids that I have. But today I'm thinking of Miss Annie. My baby turned 13 today. She has been incredibly excited about turning 13. Counting down the days for the past 80 or so!

I remember standing in church Sunday morning, 13 years ago yesterday. We had moved a week before that. I was tired and oh so very huge, ankles literally the size of grapefruits. I knew baby was coming. And I was so happy that morning, singing in the choir, seeing my friends looking back at me, feeling surrounded by their love.

I remember sleeping through most of labor. Then waking suddenly at 2:15am, telling Carl we HAD to go to the hospital NOW. He called our friend Karen, who was to stay with Jonathan during the natal event. Then he took a shower. Karen arrived to find me leaning over the kitchen island, having huge contractions. Carl was drying his hair. :-)

He still isn't quite sure what he did wrong. "But we couldn't leave until Karen got there!"

I remember the nurse telling us that it would be a couple more hours yet before the baby came. Carl left to call work. I screamed for a nurse. "I'm having a baby!" She didn't believe me, sauntered in. Looked. I was having a baby. Gosh, they move quickly when you're suddenly having a baby. "Don't push." Ha.

I remember my absolute and complete shock when the anonymous resident who delivered Annie said, "It's a girl!" Don't know why, but I had convinced myself I would have another boy. Another boy would've been wonderful. I love boys. But I was thrilled to have a girl.

My slow to warm yet extroverted girl. My sporty and smart girl. My anxious and very brave girl. My beautiful both inside and out girl. I love her so much. Can you tell? :-)

Happy birthday, Annie!

Until tomorrow,


Blogger Flying Woman said...

Woohooo - Annie a teen! Awesome! Happy, happy day to you, Annie - and, most of all, to you mama!

8:45 AM  

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