Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Random Rove Rumbles

This whole Karl Rove scandal? Well, it couldn't happen to a nicer administration. Let's see. We've got a Press Secretary eating his words numerous times in one week. We've got Rove's lawyer engaging in Weasel Speak. Wife, not Plame? Please. We've got a White House who now must consider eating its words or firing its fav hatchet man.

It did my little heart good to hear reporters at McClellan's briefing really push hard Monday. Showed some guts we haven't seen in a while. Now, if only the American people will get just as pissed off, we might make some progress in these here parts.

The Bushies have been lying to us since 9/11. Why has it taken us so long to get angry? We're going to war because of WMD. Ooops. Nope. Got that one wrong. Bush played the public so well, though, that it didn't seem to matter that we went to war for a bogus reason to a majority of the voters . He's a good ole guy who will keep us safe, unlike that snooty Kerry guy, who doesn't have the guts to fight back when someone smears his Vietnam war record.

There's so much happening right now in political America. And so much of it seems to me to be about courage--or a lack thereof. The media has been cowed by Bush et al, refusing to be true journalist until recently. Perhaps the proverbial straw was the Downing Street Memo. Or perhaps Rove now. Maybe folks have been inspired by the outing of Deep Throat.

Whatever the cause, I'm grateful for the glimmer of a return to journalism. Fantastic op-ed column on this very topic in the Trib today. Here's my favorite quote. In talking about the media's focus on torture at Gitmo, Charles Madigan says " Truth is no defense. It's viewed as unpatriotic. Maybe as liberal. But it's not. It's just journalism." Sage words, in the conservative Tribune, of all places!

Oh, here's a new little McClellan tidbit. The White House decided two years ago that it wouldn't comment on Plame et al? So, what have all of his statements been about in the past few months? And what about the various Bush statements after that supposed decision? Please. And what's with the newest spin doctor crapola out of DC, those snappy talking points Republicans are supposed to refer to when talking to us liberals? Redirect and obfuscate. Smoke and mirrors. Whatever you do, don't discuss the fact that all appearances indicate Karl Rove broke the law and revealed information regarding national security.

Let's spend billions of dollars protecting America by killing people in Iraq. Then, let's flout laws designed to uphold national security. Bush Logic 101.

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