Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm out the door

On the way to a softball game. But I just have to say, what the bleep? Bush refuses to rule out a nuclear strike against Iran. Because they have "atomic ambitions". Well, that makes tons of sense to me. Because another country wants to have the bomb, just like us, we're going to nuke them. Because another country is run by a fruitcake, just like us, we're going to create a chemical holocaust in their country.

When did we become the sole arbiter of who gets the Big Toys? Is it simply sandbox rules: because I have the most toys, I'm the boss? So the US can decide. And enforce that decision with the very weapon everyone else desires. Why do others desire the Big Toys? So that they can either be aggressive or be defensive. Let's reinforce that desire by threatening to bomb countries into submission. As long as they are submissive, they neither present an aggressive threat nor need to be defensive. Don't worry, Big US Brother will protect you.

Yes, I understand that Iran truly is run by a frightening man with very few holds on him. I understand that peace lovers do not want Iran to have the bomb. But peace lovers don't want George Bush to have the bomb, either. Clearly.

Last time I checked, the UN still existed. Why not use it? Novel idea, I know. Certainly not something Bush has wanted to do in the past.

Anyway. A bit disjointed here, as softball season is underway and Schafer the ScaredyHound is begging for a bit of ball himself before I leave the house.



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