Monday, April 03, 2006

Is the world coming to an end?

We've got grapefruit-sized hailstones pelting us from the sky. We've got George Bush's people telling him to act DUMBER. Is that really possible? Isn't that like telling an albino to look whiter? We've got governing idiots in Arizona who are actually listening to what the Church (sic) of Scientology has to say about psychotropic medication.

Then we've got these other two things that inform my sensibilities that the world surely is collapsing. Or imploding. Or something.

Not that I'm overstating things. I reject hyperbole.

There was that god-awful interview on Meet the Press with John McCain. Now, as Republicans go, I'd always had a little hankering for John, a little thang for his straight-talking persona. Come to find out, it's only a persona. Apparently all the other liberal bloggers in the world knew that except me. Ah well.

So I didn't see the entire interview, just parts. You can view the debacle here. But Tim Russert did a surprisingly good job of attempting to nail Senator McCain to the wall. And old John, he just slid down that wall like nailed-down jello. He slipped. He slid. He did not answer in a straight and forthright manner. I was very disappointed.

Let's see. He slithered around his new-found friendship with Jerry Falwell. He said stupid things about his vote to extend Bush's tax cut. He said that "(n)obody know more about immigration than than President Bush." And he praised--yes, PRAISED--Bush's efforts in Iraq, while saying that many mistakes had been made.

Really, you need to watch the interview, if only to see how uncomfortable McCain looked during it while he attempted to avoid those straight answers.

I'm sorry. I was right in the middle of this blog rant, about to move on to the Padilla case, when my dad called. He told me that my sister-in-law announced to my brother D today that she's leaving him. Lifestyle's too boring, wants to party more. He is devastated. Sucker punch, though there have been warnings that this was her coming bent. I am so disappointed. M and D have gone through so much as a couple, grown so much as people and as parents. I can't believe that she would want a party lifestyle, with two children to raise. She's always been a responsible parent, a hard worker.

Anyway. I repeat. Is the world coming to an end?



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