Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I really ought to be out supporting our economy. I've got to find coconut milk, grass seed that will actually germinate in shade and withstand large dogs racing through it, and books about the Renaissance and philosophy for the homeschooled son. All before 3:00pm. And did I mention the aforementioned homeschooled son will be driving me, which adds at least 30 minutes to the process?

So, briefly. Why are folks who were blasted out of their homes by Katrina still living in tents while 10,000 trailers sit in Arkansas? The answer appears to be Hooverian gobbledygook, as in bureaucratic nonsense. Ain't it great to be poor in America? No wonder all those immigrants want to come here.

Speaking of immigrants, amazing the legs this story has, isn't it? That's because it's not a story. It is the lives of millions of Americans and illegals who are tired of big corporations benefiting from their presence without receiving the benefits of citizenship. I'm still trying to absorb enough information on the immigration issue in America to truly have an informed opinion. There's a lot of passionate rhetoric and not enough data out there. But I don't need a degree in economics to know that a guest worker tiered system benefits only business and not people.

And did you catch the latest scandal to reach its little tentacles out to the White House? A phone jamming scheme that occurred in New Hampshire in 2002 during the election appears to have a White House connection. James Tobin, convicted in the case, called the White House 24 times within three days around the Election. Huh. Funny coincidence? I think not.

The number called went to Political Affairs. Head of that Department? None other than the current Chair of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman. White House doesn't want to tell us who actually answered that phone. Wonder if Mr. Mehlman will. Howard Dean has asked him.

Then, of course, there's the other big scandal afflicting Poor President Bush, Leaker and Liar in Chief. Even the Chicago Tribune has gotten all over this one, with an editorial calling for Cheney to come clean and fess up about Wilson/Plame/Uranium. They even suggested the fessing not not occur on Fox News. Both catty and bold from the Republican supporters, eh?

Last thing is MySpace. Got a kid who's between the ages of 12 and 21? Chances are good they have a MySpace. Chances are good they are doing pretty stupid things on MySpace, like posting their names and address, suggestive photos of themselves, talking to 50 year old men posing as boys their age, and saying things they'll regret when applying to college or for jobs.

If you have a kid between those ages, you might want to check the history on your web browser, and have a little chat with your munchkin. Be a parent, for crying out loud, and monitor what your kids are doing, before they do something you'll all regret.



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