Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No brainer

I am a no-brainer, that is. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am once again enjoying the cognition-free life. Crossword puzzles are beyond me. Sudoku is a bit better, until I fall asleep in the midst of the puzzle about 8:15am. My vocabulary consists of nouns like "stuff", "things" and "whatchamacalits". A conversation with me is currently an adventure in discovery:

As in, "Annie, could you bring me a . . . . one of those things in the, um, cold place where we keep food . . . ah, refrigerator?" "What??" "Oh, you know. Round, red and green . . . ah, oh, an apple!"

I am anemic. Well, not officially, as I don't have an appointment for a blood test until tomorrow. But I've been there, done that, worn the t-shirt a number of times in the past few years. So I recognize the symptoms.

A night's sleep is never enough. I get up before 7am. Deliver kids to school as needed, or watch them go. Have my oatmeal. Start the sudoku. Fall asleep by 8:15, drooling in the papasan until 10a or so.

Molasses has replaced the gray matter in my cranium. Synapses are not firing. Rather, little air bubbles slowy drift to the surface when thinking is supposed to occur. When the bubbles pop, information may--or may not--burst forth.

I wobble. Go for a walk? Wobble into a chair. Make myself exercise? Wobble and trip in the street. Several times. I rarely fall when roller skiing. But add anemia to the mix and I stumble, bumble for 3.5 miles.

My memory is shot. Those of you who know me know that my memory isn't terribly impressive to begin with. That's why I have a husband with Rain Man abilities. But I'm generally pretty good at keeping life organized so that I don't forget, um, things and stuff. Not so much right now.

Yesterday, I got into the car at 3:15p. I sat for a moment, as I couldn't remember why I had gotten into the car. Ah ha. Pick up daughter from school. So I drove south to pick up Annie from school. Several more moments of driving passed before it occurred to me that I wasn't supposed to pick up Annie until 4:15p. I make grocery lists then forget to consult them in the store, coming home with half the necessary items to make dinner. I call people specifically to tell them something, then forget what that something was before they even pick up the phone.

And that's with me using my Palm, stickies, and Personal Information Organizer.

So you might well imagine that blogging is a frightening prospect in such a state. I can't get much beyond basic adjectives like dweeb and jerk when referring to Dubya. No descriptive terms available to wax rhapsodic about the beautiful fall weather. And certainly no intellectual skills left to figure out what in the world those Republicans are thinking, depriving children of health care while spending billions to blow Iraqis up.

Thus, do not be surprised if my blogging is somewhat sporadic for the next few weeks. And, if I am able, keep your expectations low. Very low. ;-)



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