Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate blog

Really. I think I need a laptop again so that I can live blog during all the debates. I'm sure that my unvarnished viewpoints, opinions, and pontifications would be well worth the expense. :-)

Debate 2 is almost over. I've been very happy with Obama's performance. He's solid and articulate. He did a great job of explaining several areas (like the bailout): not too wonky, not too simplistic, and not condescending. He answered the questions asked, as well as put out his talking points. And I don't think he once babbled.

McCain babbled, however. American workers are great importers and exporters? Couldn't believe he actually talked about the need for a "cool head" in the office. Uh huh, that's one of the many reasons we can't possibly elect you. You've shown us your "cool head" on numerous flash-point occasions. And you've demonstrated your keen judgment by choosing Palin as your partner in crime.

Obama's response was quite neat. Bomb bomb Iran. 'Nuf said.

Most of McCain's ripostes didn't stick. In this incredibly partisan time, McCain's harping on his ability to work both sides of the aisle doesn't ring terribly likely to me. Constant tax back and forth wasn't terribly convincing. Obama made good points near the beginning about who is really tax and spend these days, and when our giant deficit began. Hint: not under a Democratic president.

End thought. Obama did a great job connecting his plans and the issues to concrete concerns that even Joe Six Pack might have.

Off to hear pundits attempt punditry.



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