Saturday, September 22, 2012

What a difference a year or two makes

I'm in Northfield, Minnesota this weekend, visiting the lovely Annie G on Parents Weekend at St. Olaf College. (The house is still very occupied by a large adult male and a barking dog, though!) What an absolute joy it is to see her so happy and well-settled! Great roommates, great friends, great musical ensembles, great school. 'Nuf said. 

Because my presence was not very required, and because my usual amazing room at the Allen B&B is occupied by its true owner this weekend, I have had lots of free time to wander and explore. 

Annie and I had dinner Friday night. We've discovered a mutual enjoyment of Indian, and are trying out all of the Indian restaurants in Northfield. Yum, samosas and beef vindaloo, washed down with an acceptable shiraz. In nine months, my daughter will join me in a glass of wine at dinner--amazing!

In the meantime, she shipped me off to my hotel room for the night while she resumed her busy social schedule. As best I can determine, this is the first time I have ever stayed in a hotel alone. After all, I've been married for 28 years and a Mom for 24 years. 

So alone was very odd for about, oh, thirty seconds. Then I loved it! Everything was just how I wanted it: bed, pillows, heat/cold, light, television or lack thereof, sleepy-time, wakey-time. Truly, I am discovering the joys of uncoupling, in spite of the challenges. ;-)

This morning, I took a fun hike at the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve. My bike is in my trunk, but I chose to walk, as I'm planning to ride a bit on the Sparta trail tomorrow. Good choice. Oh my gosh. There were moguls all over the trail! Makes my back hurt to think about smacking the bike seat that often!

The area was pretty, with autumn already on the way here in lower Minnesota. Chilly, too! 

I was soon on my way to one of my favorite Minnesota stops: Fireside Orchard, just outside of Northfield. In spite of the late freeze, they still have an apple crop (no u-pick, though.) So I've got the obligatory bags of Honey Crisp and Haralson. Haralsons are better. I'm just sayin'.

Nothing says fall more than apples. Can't tell you how many fall afternoons I've whiled (or is that wiled?) away, munching on juicy, crisp apples while lost in a good book. Life is good. 

Annie and I met up for lunch. It was SO good to catch up with her. So good to SEE her. I love our FaceTime chats but real life is better. We made the habitual stop at Target, of course. Now she's off to her St. Olaf Band rehearsal, as we'll get to hear the Collage Concert this evening. 

Too much fun. I am very, very fortunate. Happy Saturday, all!


Blogger SK said...

Jealous. Northfield in the fall-- lovely! Took Grant NYC to look at Pratt and SVA this weekend. Got home late Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed the blog as always. Say hi to Annie.

7:43 PM  

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