Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glowing and debates

This is the blog post where I make a bunch of brief comments in an effort to keep myself posting semi-regularly even though I feel that I shouldn't as I have nothing unique or interesting to say. 

Wow. Now you'll CLEARLY want to spend your precious time reading on!

Politics. Perhaps it's simply because I'm currently listening to Rachel Maddow's book "Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power". I could not hear Romney speak last night about our need for a continued strong military without hearing shades of Reagan. 

There's a big enough threat in the Middle East, Governor, to keep our military industrial complex quite busy, thank you very much. No need to overblow the threat from the rest of the world to increase our already bloated military budget. It came off to me as both fear-mongering and corporate suck-up. 

Politics, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Debates. #Debate. So last night was the second night I sat staring at the television, keeping company with the multitudes by being surrounded by my personal electronic devices. It was fun!

But. Speaking only for me, of course, I think it kept me from having real, continuous and serious thoughts about what the candidates were actually saying. When I think and respond in sound bites while reading others sound bites while trying to listen to sound bites, I am quite liable to only hear sound bites. Rather than a Big Picture. 

Again, y'all are probably possessed of a much more plastic (as in flexible, not fake!) brain than I am. But my mind is simply not facile enough to do all of that fun jumping around AND possess a measured perspective on what Obama and Romney conveyed to us as a package at the end of the night.

Of course, perhaps my goal is too serious. Perhaps, by the third debate, my goal should be to have fun jumping around. And I do enjoy politics. But, at the end of the day, it all seems pretty f'ing serious to me. Even with binders. :-)

Book review disguised as more debate. Appropo of Romney channeling Nixon in the perspiration department, the chapter in Daniel Smith's hilarious and dead-on memoir of life with anxiety, "Monkey Mind" regarding his battle with perspiration is hysterical. 

The rest of the book is very good, too. If you are anxiety-riven, you'll feel less alone and possibly get some insight into your own situation. If you live with someone who suffers, you'll get some great moments of empathy--and sympathy for your own plight. Smith's ability to inject levity into the most unfunny world of anxiety makes what some might be inclined to view as self-indulgent prose into hilarious, helpful good reading. 


Blogger Michigantrumpet82 said...

Thanks Liz -- I liked reading this. And not just in a 140 character sound bite. Coming as one of those Massachusetts binder ladies, I've seen Romney "leadership" and find it too facile and politically directed for my liking. Like you, I find the stakes too high. I think the people of all stripes deserve more than a 'beauty pageant' or 'horse race' mentality by those covering the campaign. Thanks for adding to the discourse.

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