Saturday, September 01, 2007

Proud to be a Republican?

I'm still retrieving my jaw from the floor, after my midday perusal of the papers and blogs. Republicans are once again proving they care about money, not people.

Example A is GOP Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo, who says it's time to end the Katrina tax payer "gravy train". Incredibly ignorant. Has this guy never looked at any current photos of NOLA? Not read anything about how miserably the federal government has supported the rehabilitation efforts from Katrina? Not noticed that the area hit by the hurricane is nowhere near rehabilitated?

The rich? Many of them have gotten their lives back together and have moved on. But those who are actually depending on the federal government to help them do the same? Nada. And basic fixing up of NOLA's infrastructure? Ha.

Republicans are too busy spending money killing Iraqis to repair the damage of Katrina for ordinary folks.

Kos points out this stellar next example of Republicanism. Montana Rep. John Sinrud, whose constituents are busy trying to save their homes from forest fires, believes that the government shouldn't support these efforts and that we should "let them burn." Nice. According to Kos, Sinrud has no problem saving big business timber from those same fires. Nice again.

Republicans are too busy spending money helping big business to repair the damages from forest fires for ordinary folks.

Speaking of money, aren't you feeling sorry for Tony Snow, departing White House Press Secretary? He's leaving because he isn't earning enough as Press Secretary to support his family. Yeah, I've heard it's tough to support a family of five on $168,000. Apparently so tough that he had to take out a loan to take on the job in first place.

Tony, I can recommend some fine thrift shops to help contain expenses. And, if you'd like to continue serving your country rather than feathering your bank account, might I suggest community college for those three children?

Are you seeing a trend here? In the Republican universe, money trumps all.



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