Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie Musings

The title greeting of this post, Happy Halloweenie? That's sounds awfully cheerful for someone who's not all that enamoured of the 31st. But that's how Ryan, my adorable small-sized southern neighbor, greeted me today, garbed as a small lion! Alex, my adorable small-sized northern neighbor, was less loquacious, but just as adorable (Thomas the Tank Engine.)

If only Halloweenie were only all about adorable children and unhealthy candy! Oh, wait. That's what it's SUPPOSED to be all about! But I find Halloween circa 2012 to be just a bit overdone. 

I mean, really. Halloween lights? I've only managed Christmas lights once in 20 years here on Ridgeland. And now I've got to figure out Halloween lights? 

And what's with all of the Halloween celebratory events several weekends BEFORE Halloween? Like children aren't getting enough celebration on the day OF Halloween? There are children who need more than one costume for this season, as their initial costume has worn out itself welcome, having been seen in so many venues. Good Lord. 

And when I was a kid, we had to sew our own costumes. Out of corn husks. Up hill. Both ways. In the snow. 

And speaking of snow, it certainly felt like it might this afternoon. Geez, it was cold out there, handing out the Blow Pops and Candy Corn. 

And speaking of candy corn: who knew?! Small children RAN from my house yelling, "She has candy corn!!!!" And they weren't running in terror. Somehow, I always thought that candy corn was the booby prize of Halloween Candy among children. Apparently not. Every child whom I gave a choice chose candy corn. 

There was, as has already been noted on Facebook, significantly less candy corn from which to choose by the time the trick-or-treaters arrived. Can't resist that stuff!

Jonathan tells me that it has a reputation as being particularly unhealthy, due to having carnauba wax as an ingredient. Isn't that an ingredient in the car product Turtle Wax? I don't care. Halloween need not be a healthy holiday. In fact, Halloween SHOULD NOT be a healthy holiday.   

Though I'm not advocating noshing on Turtle Wax or anything. 

I do enjoy my trick-or-treaters. I believe my favorite costume this year was the young man (middle school-ish) who arrived with a cereal box on his head. As he followed on the heels of several completely uncostumed visitors, I told him that I was happy to see any costume, no matter how small the attempt. 

His companion solemnly informed me that the cereal box WAS his costume: he was a serial murderer. :-) 

Tamer costumes? Many princesses. Many slightly older princess vampires. And more vampires. Obama. Pirates. No Romneys. Bears (as in Chicago football, not Ursus arctos horribilis.) 

I was lucky enough to get to trick-or-treat with Andrew and Lydia for a few houses. Andrew, dressed appropriately as a rocket, conversed at some length with everyone, including wishing them a Happy Halloween. 

Lydia, adorable as a bubbly bumble bee, was too busy picking up leaves to bother with candy. No extant photo, as she never stopped moving.    

Finally, as a post-Halloween cleansing activity, I offer the Oak Park Park District's activity on November 1st: The Great Pumpkin Smash on Barrie Park's hill!


Blogger Paimon said...

It's not a health thing--it's just food snobbery. People see carnauba* in the ingredients and they see evi, artificial factory-made industrial fake candy! Why, you'd never see candy made out of wax in my day! We had standards! And taste! And morals! And men were men and women were objects and black people were also objects! And we pulled ourselves to school by our own bootstraps, uphill both ways through six feet of snow AND STILL GOT CHANGE FOR THE NICKEL--
Ahem. Sorry, got carried away there. You get the idea. Oh, and this is Jonathan. In case you can't tell by my subtle, nuanced writing.

*Also found in those wonderful little gummi fish, and very, very thinly coating apples as an edible, non-toxic preservative. This is another reason people think you need to wash apples.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Katharinet said...

I tried to find candy cigarettes to give out, but no dice. Sigh. Such a simple joy of my childhood, puffing the powdered sugar out like I was a real adult. Darn food snobbery police.

9:33 AM  

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