Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Important People Rant

In spite of election information overload, I continue to follow all things political. For me (and I'm not generalizing to you!) to not do so seems like I've stopped caring about the rest of the world. And, being a reforming fixer and all around Care Bear, it's hard to part with that viewpoint.

So I'm avidly watching the latest "right to work" clash in Michigan. And, again, what's with the conservatives viewpoint always getting to define our world? "Right to work?" As Obama thoughtfully pointed out, these union-undermining laws are really all about the One Percent's right to have employees work for way less money

Employees already have the "right to work" aka to work and opt out of unions. But, because they do NOT opt out of receiving the many benefits union leadership negotiates for them, non-member employees are required to pay dues to support this negotiation. 

(Yes, I know. This isn't sounding like a rant. Just wait.)

Passing "right to work" laws is a down-and-dirty method of financially gutting unions, thus allowing businesses to pay employees less and profit more. Yesterday's NY Times op-ed provides plenty of evidence for this assertion. 

I just do not understand the logic fueling a "race to the bottom" for the middle class of America, supported by so many of the 99%. "Please, please, Mr. Senator. Take away my ability to join with others to collectively bargain for real benefits and living wages so that I can leap backward 70 years and allow the robber barons of business to grow even more sickeningly wealthy while I subsist." 


Today, I'm a little bit sick of the 1%. No, I'm a whole lot sick of the 1%. Otherwise known as The Important People. This is a personal as well as political sickness on my part. I do not want or need to be an Important Person. But I'm tired of being treated poorly or as less than because I'm not an Important Person. 

Our individual humanity is not enough to make us deserving of respectful treatment: living wages, reasonable benefits, healthy workplaces--with plenty of money left over for the 1%'s profit. 

This is why unions were formed. Smack on the head Leroy Jethro Gibbs moment, folks. There is no way to force Important People to treat you better alone. You must act together. Stop believing the ridiculous propaganda spouted by conservative 1% businessmen and protect the rights your fellow workers gained for you. Before it's too late. 


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