Monday, May 30, 2005


Annie had a new friend over today. Claire. She's a softball friend. As opposed to a friend from the old school, the new school, church, etc. Annie is always making new friends. It's astounding, what a different person she is from me. Somehow, I fully expected my spawn to carry all of my character traits. Positive and negative. And I don't make friends easily.

I'm shy. And an introvert. Don't like groups, even groups I like. I'm not slow to trust, but slow to reach out--if at all. Afraid of rejection? Enjoy my own company? I dunno. Maybe it's simply that I don't embrace the process like she does. At the beginning of this spring's softball season, she told me that she wanted to be on a team with girls she didn't know, so she could make new friends.

If offered that as an option, particularly at her age, I would've stayed home and read a good book, instead! But she's enjoyed this team, and meeting these girls. She enjoyed moving to her new school. And she'll probably enjoy the move to high school, no matter which one we send her to. (So many from which to choose, so little money to pay for them . . . .)

It's good that she enjoys making friends. Because she's still searching for ones that fit the Annie of now. A few days short of 13 is such a roiling time. Change, change, change. And so many of her friends are caught up in clothes and boys. That's not her thing. She loves sports, both playing and watching. And she loves being a goof with her friends. But the endless obsessing over boys and clothes are NOT on her list of approved activities.

Annie stradles the line with her friends. It's interesting to watch. She hangs with them, sees a movie, then comes home when the next stop is the mall. She's very clear about what she enjoys--and doesn't enjoy. I love to see that. A powerful woman knows her own mind.

Some of her friends tease her about not liking boys now, not wanting to wear dresses, not embracing the traditional "girl" thang. She has adapted a bit, wearing clothing that is tighter (but not form-fitting), and choosing things that are neutral (rather than boyish). Does it bother her that she doesn't always fit in? Frankly, it seems to bother me more than it does her. Brings up all sorts of junior high angst. Mostly, she seems confident that she'll find friends who share her interests. And does her best to enjoy the ones she has right now.

Amazing, my girl is. :-) Think I'd better do my best to share her confidence!

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